Artist Statement

I have not always been an artist. I have a PhD in philosophy and for about 15 years I taught philosophy in Massachusetts before moving to Berkeley, California and working seriously in art.

My art journey began in print making. Several years ago I moved into painting and oil sticks provided a wonderful transition medium. Many of the same techniques and tools I used in printing are adaptable to oil and cold wax.

Artists have to be opportunistic and observant. I love the challenge of listening, truly listening, to what comes to you by chance as well as what comes to you by choice. Louise Bourgeoise said “I am what I do with my hands,” and that resonates strongly with me. It is important to me to do things differently, to try to be bold, personal, and inventive. 

I have exhibited at O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mendocino Art Center, Berkeley Art Center, Pacific Art League, Joyce Gordon Gallery, and Artworks Downtown, among others. I was an Artist in Residence at Mendocino Art Center in 2016-17.

My Crafty Side

For some time now, I have painted floorcloths—hand painted rugs using acrylics on canvas, with many layers of varnish. This is a little known but old craft. Floorcloths make ideal rugs because they can be designed and sized to fit particular areas of a home, they don’t stain, and they last a very long time. Details of a few of my rugs are pictured here. I make them for my own home, but if you are interested in commissioning one, please contact me.